Obligatory “Blows dust off” title

It’s been a long time since my last post, and I was never a prolific blogger.

So what’s changed?

In short, a lot.

Since my last post, detailing my redundancy from a company in the West Midlands, I’ve moved to Cambridge and have held various permanent and contract roles. Right now, I’m contracting again, in a role based just over the border into Hertfordshire.

The reasons for the job changes are various, but essentially the problem remains the same: finding a role where a Tech Author is regarded as more than just someone who writes help guides.

But a lot of good things have happened since then. I’ve learned DITA, created style guides and standards, presented at TCUK, and even won an ISTC Merit award. The last several years have, in short, afforded me many opportunities to learn and grow.

The reason I’ve decided to revive this blog is that my current contract offers even more such opportunities. I’ll not only be creating API documentation, but also working with developers to help them move to a new set of API tools. I’ll also be helping refine the project processes for capturing information in Jira tickets to inform release note creation and help documentation updates.

And as I type, I’m also chatting with a colleague in another office, a UX specialist, who wants to ply me with coffee and cake while I tell her all about Tech Comms. I’ve agreed, provided she reciprocates on UX.

So, over the next few months, expect some updates about my progress in all these areas. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on my learning experiences, and hopefully that will help both me and some of my readers… if you’re still out there!

You never know… maybe I’ll have time to learn how to use WordPress properly, so I can make this blog a bit prettier.

Watch this space 🙂

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